Back to School – Overage Student Dependant Coverage

As September is coming to a close, we need to remind employees with Studentuniversity age children to update benefit coverage for these dependants.  Sending reminder letters stating that coverage for overage dependent students terminates on August 31st of each year will prompt employees to review their dependent benefit coverage. Encourage employees to review the school information and determine whether they want the extra coverage which is automatically included in the student fees.  Employees should consider the past years health and dental expenses for their overage dependants.  Is it worth paying extra fees for unnecessary coverage?  In addition to reviewing the plans, they must also submit overage dependent student status information to their employer plan.  This ensures that their children are continuously covered for their health and dental benefits through to August next year.

Typical requirements:

  • Letter confirming current year enrollment
  • Student Fees receipt
  • Copy of Student ID
  • Completed over-age student form

Homework for the parents and a better understanding of their benefit plan!

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