How it works

MyBenetech provides you with a 100% hosted solution for all of your clients and their benefits plans. We seamlessly pull in all of your client benefit data and use it to complete tasks that would typically be done by an administrator or HR rep including:

  • We provide a 100% Whitelabeled online service to manage your customers Group Benefit Plans or Flex Plans
  • Administer multiple clients from one online branded system
  • Provide all Employee correspondence / notices (English / French), branded for you.
  • Automate all reporting that your company needs from multiple benefit providers.
  • Tax Optimization programs identify cost savings for employees that could save money on taxable benefits.


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Eliminates Routine Tasks

Eliminates Routine Tasks

Eliminates daily / monthly routine tasks with Group Benefit Plans / Flex Plans  that would be typically handled by HR.

Hosted & Supported

Hosted & Supported

Fully hosted / supported by trusted Benefit Management Technicians

Automated Reports

Automated Reports

Provides automated reports on Benefit packages/employees & upcoming payments

No Software Needed

No Software Needed

100% virtual = No Software / Hardware needed!

Reduce Overhead Costs

Reduce Overhead Costs

Reduces overhead costs of Benefit Management programs & internal systems



Disaster recovery program for employee information

Tax Optimization

Tax Optimization

Provides Tax Optimization for employees automatically

Scalable Systems

Scalable Systems

Scalable system for corporations that have 50-25,000+ employees

Reduce Errors

Reduce Errors

Reduces data entry errors with integrated data feeds in and out of the system.

Effective Communication and Perceived Value – Group Benefit Plans

Good CommunicationThe importance of effective communication cannot be undervalued; this is especially true when it comes to communicating your group benefit plan. It creates employee awareness of the available benefits, plan restrictions and general provisions of the plan. It also supports the company’s efforts to establish perceived plan value.

Companies invest a great deal of time and money in assessing, implementing, and providing the benefits program developed for their employees. However, employees may often overlook the importance of the benefits they are provided with, or may be unclear of their real value.  Ineffective communication can prove to be very costly as countless hours may be spent clearing up the confusion and clarifying misunderstandings with the rest of your staff.

Depending on the demographics of your employees, their perceived value of their benefit plan may be very different. An example of this would be dental care. It was once the most prized offering for employees, however for many it is ranked low on their priorities. While it still provides measurable financial relief when you need a crown or bridge, there’s an entire generation out there in no need of those costly services anytime soon. Dental plans have not changed much in the last 30 years – but dental hygiene and treatment have.  Group Benefit Plan communication should be:

  • Simple to understand and all fees and conditions clearly disclosed upfront.
  • Reference to industry terminology should be clearly explained and simple.
  • Plan changes should be communicated well in advance.
  • Employee choices should be clearly identified and explained.
  • Provide full disclosure on health care reform’s impact of benefits offered and premiums charged.

Better benefits communications creates a better understanding of benefit plans; and better understanding equals greater appreciation – perceived value.


Monthly fees for as low as $1 / month / employee!*

MyBenetech has a setup program that allows you to start moving over information and setup reports quickly and easily. Setup costs depend on the amount of employees / benefit programs that are included. Setup fees can range from as little as $500 – $5,000*.

Request Pricing

Request Pricing
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Case Studies

Corporate Client Saves $20,000 in Migration Fees

A flex client; who is a leading producer of industrial fabrics located in Cambridge, Ontario with approximately 1,000 employees, switched to MyBenetech after being unhappy with their current TPA provider. Their previous provider charged over $20,000 in implementation fees for their enrolment tool.  The client was reportedly surprised to discover MyBenetech’s enrolment tool was provided as part of a standard service offering for flex clients.

Corporate Customer, GTA, Ontario

TPA client saves over $55,000 / Year

One of our larger TPA clients currently manages over 25,000 certificates on our system.  They specialize in managing Association programs, and recently reported to have saved a new client over $55,000 / Year in administration fees due to the streamlined automation the system provides!

CEO, Third Party Administrator, GTA, Ontario


Will you ever communicate directly with my clients?

No, this service is 100% whitelabeled so that you can manage / bill your customer for this service, and we fully support you in the implementation.

Can you deal directly with my customer if I don’t want too?

Yes, we can come alongside your Brokerage and manage your customer if you choose.

Can you handle multiple benefit providers?

Yes. Our system works with almost all Canadian Benefit providers and can handle the most complex cases of employees / benefits and tax situations.

Do you provide material in English & French?

Yes, all of our communications will automatically generate in either English or French based on the end-users language setting. Our entire system is bilingual, as we have been servicing Canadians for over 25 years.

Do you provide backups / disaster recovery for our data?

Yes, we have a disaster recovery plan that can ensure that your data will never be lost or incomplete.  Our data-warehouse has two locations, backed up daily both locally and to the cloud which provides complete redundancy.  MyBenetech houses our servers at a secure collocation center in downtown Toronto.  Server collocation allows us to combine security and reliability so our clients’ mission critical data is always secure and accessible.

Are you trying to sell us a financial side of the business?

No, unlike most of our competitors, we are not tied to a financial institution trying to sell you their products. What we do provide is a completely unbiased opinion on your current benefit procedures and how to best streamline your processes for a more cost effective solution.

What is your Pricing model?

We charge a setup fee, based on the amount of hours it will take for our benefit technicians to get you going, and a fee / month / employee. This rate is based on multiple factors and can be as low as $1 / month / employee. Feel free to request an estimate here.

Do you offer live training?

Yes, we can provide online or on-site training to your staff across Canada depending on what your needs are.

Do I need to install software at my location?

No, our online tool and your information are all hosted online and accessed through any browser.

Can you import info from existing systems (FLEX/FAST)?

Yes, we have migration programs for legacy software and our technicians oversee this process to ensure accuracy.