System Setup: We thoroughly review plan specifications from the client in order to set up the benefit structure on our system. We add the client with rates and plan design schedules in order to be able to provide the client with volumes and premiums for each covered benefit.  A report is generated laying out how setup was completed for review by the client.  Once the client set is complete, the members within the group are then all added to the system and the appropriate benefits are added to each member.

We produce billing statements for the client and insurance carrier reports.  Complete auditing is performed against what the client has provided so that we can ensure accuracy.  The client is then trained on how to use the administration system to maintain their employee’s information and how to run reports to assist them on a day to day basis.  We also provide access to our online training guides to ensure they have the most current information.

Export Files: During the client set-up we determine whether the client requires a member eligibility file to the insurance carrier.  Since we deal with the major insurance companies and already have existing file specifications, we ensure that we code the new client accordingly.  If we are dealing with a new carrier then using Insurer provided specifications we work create a new export file.  Rigorous testing on is performed to ensure that member changes are transmitted correctly.  Once testing is complete and the client is “live” the files are sent to the insurance carrier.  Files are monitored on an ongoing basis and updates are made as required.  If required by the insurer, export file(s) will be completed and tested regularly.

Payroll Reports: During the client set-up we determine whether the client requires a payroll feeds or reports to calculate employee payroll deductions.  We do already have existing file specifications for several payroll providers, however specifications vary by client so detailed and complete specifications are always requested.  Rigorous testing on is performed to ensure that payroll deductions are transmitted correctly.

Custom Reports:  Standard, white labelled reports are included in our service package.  Customized reports can be built to client specifications.  We require complete and detailed specification in order to provide accurate pricing.

Ongoing Support: Once client set-up is complete, the client is transferred to our Client Service Specialists.  On an ongoing basis, they answer any client and broker questions, update rates and client plan information as required, generate monthly client billings, insurer reports and create monthly accounting reports.  Client Telephone/On-line Technical Support is available during Normal Business Hours EST.  Standard support offering includes 5 hours per month of support services to assist with training and inquires.

*While the information above is standard, support services may be customized based on client need; any deviation from this will be documented on individual client contracts.