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Our System

We are the only TPA licensee of VITAL Objects ™ with an exclusive agreement to provide other Professional Administrators direct access to the system.  This state of the art administration system provides real time Web based data access, allowing for instant co-ordination and presentation of the most up-to-date multi-source data.  Through our customized web interface […]

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Our Sister Company

Our sister company, Canadian Benefit Administrators Ltd. (CBA) is an independent third party administration (TPA) firm and licensee of VITAL Objects ™.  CBA is privately owned, and has operated successfully for over 25 years.  In the last few years many other independent benefit administrators were asking about how they might access the same software.  It […]

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Our Mission

To provide our clients access to the best Benefit Management System and support professionals in the industry and to elevate their administration experience to the highest level of service satisfaction possible.

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