MyBenetech uses backup and restore for our Disaster Recovery plan, and we house our Servers in a colocation centre which protects us from identifiable risks such as: power failure, and flooding.  We run daily backups to protect from data loss.  If there was ever a hardware failure we could temporarily utilize a hosted server through the colocation centre`s virtualized server and be back up and running within 24 hours.  We could then replace our existing server and restore the server using our backup.  At no time would our clients ever need to change how they access our service since it is web based.

Server Collocation

MyBenetech houses our servers at a secure collocation center in downtown Toronto.  Server collocation allows us to combine security and reliability so our clients’ mission critical data is always secure and accessible.

The facility offers;

  • 24 x 7 monitoring and technical support
  • Biometric access control systems and video camera surveillance
  • Our individual cage is combination protected
  • UPS backup and diesel generator protection
  • Computer-grade environmental controls
  • Redundant fiber-based multi-homed internet backbone
  • Unlimited bandwidth

Software Security

MyBenetech Ltd. uses VITAL Objects ™ to provide our clients with leading edge on-line benefit administration software.

Our software offers the following security;

  • Data storage is in a completely different data layer behind several firewalls that can only be accessed by the business objects.
  • Online access to the system is protected by 128 bit SSL encryption; we encrypt all passwords, which are not stored within the application database.
  • We backup all data daily and store offsite in a secure facility using Barracuda Back-up Service.