Reporting Automation – Are You Taking Advantage?

Efficiently managing either a traditional or Flex Benefit Plan can be a complex and time consuming endeavour.  The multitude of manual tasks that are often performed by automatebenefit administrators not only costs valuable time, but increases the risk of errors.

The ability to automate many of these manual processes can improve employee performance and satisfaction, not to mention the reduction of liability.  Automation allows for employees to manage more with their time, while decreasing on the job stress.  Some simple examples of items that should be automated:

  • NEM letters
  • Overage Student letters
  • Maximum Age letters
  • Reductions/Benefit Changes due to age
  • Benefit Statements
  • Member Change audit reports
  • Taxable Benefit reports

Ask your TPA how they currently handle these tasks, and take back your valuable time through automation.

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