Advantage of Documented Processes and Controls

In a business environment, typically each individual may have a separate and distinct method of accomplishing any given task (though not always correct).  However, whenProcess-Doc processes, procedures, or methods are thoroughly and accurately documented, each step necessary to complete a task is detailed and documented for the user, so that the task can be completed in the same manner each time.

This documentation results in an increased level of continuity.  Plus by documenting procedures, a business owner can ensure that the task can still be reliably and accurately completed even if the individuals most familiar with the process become unavailable or leave the company.

Documentation of procedures is a critical consideration for many businesses, and documented processes often appear in company contingency, data breach and disaster recovery plans. In addition to serving a useful purpose in quality control and contingency planning, documentation of procedures is a recognized sign of a quality organization.

When documenting internal control requirements, use simple words, short sentences, good grammar and avoid abbreviations. Use position titles consistently throughout the documentation, not employees’ names.  Keep the words consistent throughout the documentation.

Consolidating your process documentation in a single standardized and controlled repository makes it easier and more efficient to retrieve process information, as well as communicate it with the necessary resources.  By utilizing a standard template, it will further improve the consistency within the organization and any adjustments should be dated.


  • It assures continuity of process and quality, while staff is on holidays.
  • It improves communication and documents expectations.
  • Anyone with written procedures will find it easier to train new employees.
  • It prevents re-inventing the wheel for each project or task.
  • It improves efficiency and productivity levels within the organization.

It is not just a good idea; it is a sound business practice.

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